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NT Intervention Evaluation

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Rachel Siewert 23 Feb 2011

Community Affairs 23 February 2011

Senator SIEWERT—In answer to a question on notice that you took last time—and I asked about whether you had been involved in the evaluation process of the Northern Territory intervention—that valuation framework has subsequently been released. Have you had any further involvement since you last answered that question?

Mr Kalisch—Since the question was last answered by the previous director in the institute, I think it is fair to say that we have become aware of a number of evaluation tasks, particularly in
Indigenous health and welfare matters. The approach we will take is to look at those cases and opportunities on a case-by-case basis, particularly looking at where the institute has a body of work and expertise that is well suited to that task, and whether we have the capability to shift resources or get resources to actually undertake that task in the time that is available.

Senator SIEWERT—What I understand you to mean is that you may engage from now, that is, you are taking a different approach?

Mr Kalisch—It is an approach where I think we just need to look at these opportunities on a case-by-case basis. As I mentioned to Senator Boyce beforehand, our appropriation only gives us so much of our funding; we do seek external funding from elsewhere. We do need to look quite realistically at where there are good opportunities, where there is good fit, where the institute can contribute some good work and we have the skills, talents, opportunity and capability to do that.

Senator SIEWERT—Have you currently undertaken to do any evaluation?

Mr Kalisch—We are looking at two options at the moment. We are assessing those within the institute to see whether they do have that good fit.

Senator SIEWERT—Is that for the Northern Territory—or you mentioned broader Aboriginal health and welfare?

Mr Kalisch—I am not familiar with what exactly the two tasks are but they have been released on the AusTender site.

Senator SIEWERT—So you are looking at what?

Mr Kalisch—Whether we would actually bid for that work.

Senator SIEWERT—I understand last time there were approaches by FaHCSIA, for example, to be involved in evaluation?

Mr Kalisch—Not while I have been director.


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