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Rachel Siewert 23 Feb 2011

Community Affairs 23 February 2011

Senator SIEWERT—We have had discussions before about naltrexone, and I wanted to follow up on that. I understand the review has been completed.

Prof. Anderson—Correct.

Senator SIEWERT—Has it been publicly released?

Prof. Anderson—That is a timely question. I think the review is going to our council in the second week of March for their advice on whether I should publish it. I expect that that will be forthcoming. It missed a council meeting or two and has led to speculation as to whether it is going to be released. I need my council’s advice to release it and we will get that in March.

Senator SIEWERT—Now I am going to push my luck. Are you able to give us any indication about what evidence you found around naltrexone?

Ms Halton—That might be considered a contempt of the council.

Senator SIEWERT—I told you I was pushing my luck.

Ms Halton—And I am gently saying, ‘Yes, you are.’

Senator SIEWERT—Maybe the professor could go as far as he could feel comfortable.

Prof. Anderson—I can explain what the review is. It is a review of the literature around this. There is some good; there is some scant. It summarises what that literature says and indicates where there is need for research.

Senator SIEWERT—It is literature; it is not based on some of the clinical work that is being done, is it?

Prof. Anderson—If the clinical work has been published in the clinical and scientific literature, it will be included in the review.

Ms Halton—It is meta-analysis really, is it not?

Prof. Anderson—Yes, that is right. It is anything in the literature has been bought together, analysed and reviewed.


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