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Mr Rowan Ramsey should retract disgraceful comments on people on income support in Ceduna

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 13 Aug 2020

The Greens say that Mr Ramsey’s comments on people doing it tough have no place in our community and that he should apologise. He is continuing the Government’s long tradition of using anecdotal evidence to set policy.

These are disgraceful comments to make about people doing it tough during a pandemic.

In addition he appears to misunderstand what is happening with the payments, if you were already on the Cashless Debit Card before the pandemic your supplement is subject to the same rules as your Jobseeker payment.

Is he suggesting that it would be better for people to just live below the poverty line?

Stigmatising people on income support is not accepted by the community.

The Cashless Debit Card is a racist and punitive approach that disproportionately impacts First Nations communities and there is no evidence to support that it meets any of its objectives.

It also has many practical issues including many people can't even pay rent or buy simple cash items like market fruit and goods or second- hand fridges from gumtree and things are getting worse with the unfolding economy and health crisis.

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