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Minster’s claim that indexation is a "welfare boost" is beyond a joke

The announcement that the Government has delivered “another increase” to income support recipients is farcical in its attempt to spin indexation as an increase to income support payments. 

“Why is the Minister wasting everyone’s time by advising that payments are indexed? It happens twice a year!” Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens spokesperson on Family and Community services said.

“It’s not news that the Government is so out of touch with the community and their cost of living struggles. But saying that the Morrison Government “understands the importance of these increases to help pensioners and allowance recipients to keep up with the cost of living  is just ridiculous.

“People are living on payments as low as $40 a day for lengthy periods and the best the Government can do is let Newstart increase by indexation?

"This is Government spin at its worst.”

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