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Minister Scullion fails to comply with OPD and provide CDP evaluation before introducing new bill

Minister Scullion has failed to properly comply with the Greens Order for a Production of Documents to release the final evaluation report of the Commonwealth Development Program (CDP) by today.

“The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet confirmed in their response to questions on notice that the report has been completed – but the Minister has written in response to the OPD to advise that it has not yet been “finalised”.

“The Senate should not be asked to consider this CDP bill before we have seen the evaluation of the current program.

“The Minister has also advised that the Department is “engaging with the communities involved in the fieldwork component of the evaluation”.

“So despite little to no consultation on the entire program they are now using consultation as an excuse not to provide the evaluation?

“Today the Government has pushed ahead and started debate on the bill.

“What is the Government trying to hide? We already know from stakeholders and people on the ground that this work for the dole program is discriminatory, punitive and difficult to comply with and it’s pushing people further into poverty.

“I hope that the Senate will listen to the community and submitters to the inquiry who were all against the Bill passing and reject this program."

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