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Mental Health

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Rachel Siewert 29 Nov 2010

The Greens recognise the importance of including mental health treatment strategies as part of our national health reform plan.

Our policy looks to diversify treatment options for mental health away from the public hospitals and towards a system which provides mental health patients with specialised and more appropriate care in other locations.

The Greens have consistently supported the headspace and EPPIC programs, but made it clear that funding was essential in a number of other important areas.

This includes funding for primary healthcare programs to target those in need, the vulnerable and long-term clientele, working with the community and NGO sector.

We’re also supporting the provision of alternatives to emergency department treatment, such as multidisciplinary community-based subacute services that support ‘stepped’ prevention and recovery care.

Our mental health amendments also looked to establish a national network of one-stop shop community mental health centres; providing additional training for GPs and nurses to triage mental health and respite treatment and primary healthcare programs.

We have suggested a special commission for mental health because we believe this issue is so significant that such a move is appropriate.

The Greens policy takes a comprehensive approach to mental health funding to ensure that all elements of our mental health approach would be funded.


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