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Live Exports & International Standards

Rachel Siewert 7 Jul 2011


Senator SIEWERT (Western Australia—Australian Greens Whip) (12:12):  I move:
That the Senate—

 (a) notes that:
  (i) OIE [World Organisation for Animal Health] guidelines do not require stunning before slaughter of cattle,
  (ii) without stunning, cattle can exhibit indicators of possible consciousness for up to 2 minutes after the throat is cut, leading to a slow and painful death, and
  (iii) statements by the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Senator Ludwig) on 21 June 2011, that Australia does not have the power to require Indonesia to stun cattle before slaughter; and
 (b) calls on the Government immediately to end the live export trade of all animals given that the welfare standards which are acceptable to the Australian public and farmers cannot be guaranteed in overseas markets.
Senator XENOPHON (South Australia) (12:12):  I seek leave to make a short explanation.
The PRESIDENT:  Leave is granted for two minutes.
Senator XENOPHON:  Whilst I support the first part of the motion, I cannot support the second part of the motion, because I believe a phased withdrawal of the live export trade over a three-year period is a preferable policy outcome. Question put.
The Senate divided.  [12:14]
(The PRESIDENT:  Senator Hogg)
Ayes ...................... 9
Noes ...................... 50
Majority ................ 41




Question negatived. 

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