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Labor’s dirty deal with the Coalition passes the senate leaving migrants to wait four years to access Newstart

The Australian Greens have deep concerns for new migrants granted certain permanent visas after the Promoting Sustainable Welfare Bill (formerly Encouraging Self-sufficiency for Newly Arrived Migrants Bill 2018) passed the Senate this evening.

“The Labor party is now complicit in making migrants wait four years to access Newstart and it didn’t have to be this way, Senator Rachel Siewert said.

“Let’s make one thing clear, we had the numbers to block this – if Labor had bothered to even ask the Greens and the cross-bench.

“But that’s not what they wanted. They thought they could get stakeholders to back them in, do a deal with the Government so that they will have $1.3billion in “savings” if they win Government next year, and then pretend that’s what the sector wanted.

“Well they have been caught out, the stakeholders are not backing them in and we now see the ALP for what it really is.

“Shorten’s Labor put $1.3billion for election promises before our multicultural community and they did it, cheered on by One Nation.

 “This is why you need the Greens in the Senate: to fight for our community and hold a Bill Shorten Labor government to account – because this experience shows the ALP will make dirty deals if they think they can get away with it.

“This bill will create an underclass of migrants in our community and will result in second-class citizens who will now have to wait longer to get the support they need.

"If we really need to find some money, let's go and make sure corporations and mining companies pay their fair share of tax and wind back some of the unfair tax breaks. Since 2012 ,the Liberal and Labor parties have received over $100 million from corporations and yet 1 in 3 of the largest corporations pay no tax at all. But time and again we get savings measures like these because “we have to curb spending”.

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