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Jobseeker increase must be above the poverty line

The Greens say that they are pleased that the Government has FINALLY recognised that the Jobseeker rate cannot go back to $40 a day in September. 

“The new Jobseeker rate must ensure that people are not living in poverty” Australian Greens spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert said.   

“If Jobseeker goes back to $40 a day we will see people default on their mortgages, renters that will be in even more housing stress and homelessness rates will increase.
“It is very clear that there will still be high rates of unemployment in September, the Government cannot keep pretending that this crisis will be over at the end of September and that they don’t have to support people through these difficult times. 
“There are over 1.6 million people on Jobseeker who will not all magically find work in September.

"That is not even taking into account the real figures of underemployment and the influx of people seeking Government support through Centrelink when Jobkeeper ends. 
“The pre-covid payment rates for Jobseekers, Youth Allowance and Parenting Payment do not support an acceptable minimum standard of living
“A fortnightly income of at least $1012 per fortnight is required to ensure an income support recipient does not live below the OECD relative measure of poverty. 
“It cannot be Government policy for people to live below the poverty line. 
“If the Government is so focused on getting people back into work they would look at the clear evidence showing that the income support system itself is acting as a key barrier to employment because of the inadequate payment rates that force people into poverty. It’s time to fix that.” 


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