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'Intervention' on ABC1

A collaboration between Tangentyere Research and filmmaker Vincent Lamberti, Intervention looks at the impacts of the Federal Government's Northern Territory Emergency Response into Aboriginal Communities, otherwise known as the 'Intervention', from the perspective of the people who live under the legislation day in day out. It was the Winner of the Documentary Australia Award 2008 for Best Documentary raising awareness around an important social issue.

Intervention will screen on ABC1 this Sunday June 21st at 1.30pm

For more details visit the Message Stick website.

It will be repeated on ABC2 this Monday June 22nd at 5.00pm and again on ABC1 next Friday June 26th at 6.00pm

The TV version going to air is an edited down half-hour. For anyone interested in the full length version, it can be purchased online through Ronin Films.

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