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If only Minister Cormann was as outraged by deaths in custody as he is by protests

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 10 Jun 2020

The Australian Greens say that instead of making disparaging statements about the protests over the weekend Minster Cormann should be doing some soul searching on having been part of a Government that has done next to nothing to act on the shameful rates of deaths in custody in Australia and lack of justice for First Nations peoples in this country.

“54 First Nations peoples have died in custody since 2008 in Minister Cormann’s home state of WA and I haven't seen him say anything about that”, Australian Greens spokesperson on First Nations issues Senator Rachel Siewert said.

“At least 432 people have died since the Royal Commission into deaths in custody, no Government can claim to have done a close to adequate job at pursuing justice for First Nations peoples.

“This has to be a wakeup call. The Commonwealth has to show leadership and ensure an end to deaths in custody.

“It’s the same vicious cycle, a Royal Commission or Committee is held, truth is told, credible, tangible solutions are offered and Governments cop out.

“The fact is Governments don’t like their failures being highlighted and this lack of justice is a massive failure of Australia’s Governments.”

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