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Harrowing report into abuse of people with disability in prison should be the final straw, we need a Royal Commission: Greens

The Human Rights Watch report that details harrowing systemic abuse of people with disability in prisons should trigger a Royal Commission into abuse, violence and neglect of people with disability in institutional settings, say the Australian Greens. 

“We already know that many people with disability are wrongfully detained in our prison system so to hear about this utterly harrowing abuse and neglect highlights the need for a Royal Commission and for reform”, said Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert. 

“It is terrifying to hear that prisoners were appointed to look after other inmates with high support needs, and that in one prison, six out of eight ‘carers’ were convicted sex offenders. 

“This is despicable and not a standard we would accept out in the community, and it has culminated in rape and sexual abuse of vulnerable people. It is time for the Government to urgently address this issue. 

“How many cases of systemic abuse, violence and neglect do we have to hear before the Government commits to a Royal Commission into this issue?”, Australian Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John said today. 

“These abuses are occurring in a pervasive manner across the country as we speak. This Government’s refusal to act means that so many people with disability in institutional settings continue to experience abuses. 

“I urge the Federal Government to stop turning its  back on people with disability and their families and finally commit to a Royal Commission”

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