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Greens will seek to compel Government to release KPMG report that claims Serco call centre workers are doing “better” than Centrelink staff

The Australian Greens want answers and transparency on why on there is such a wide gap between what the Government is saying their “secret” KPMG report says about Serco call centre works and Centrelink staff are actually reporting.

“We know that Centrelink is hitting a crisis point and things are getting worse and worse but the Government is trying to hide behind their secret reports. We want that report released and will move an order for production of documents for its release,  Australian Greens spokesperson on community services Senator Rachel Siewert said.

“A couple of weeks ago it was reported that Serco workers are doing “better” than Centrelink staff, but what Centrelink staff have actually reported is a system riddled with errors, resulting in people incurring debts they do not owe. This in fact reflects what we hear from constituents about their interactions with Centrelink.

“When you have 85 per cent of respondents say private call providers are having a negative impact on service standards, there is a problem.

"This is distressing for the Centrelink staff who are mopping up the mess and can’t give good service and for people in our community who are waiting for lengthy periods for updates on their claims, being given advice that is wrong, or incurring debt through no fault of their own.

“I hope that the Senate will support my order for the production of documents so that we can see the report the Government is hiding behind.”



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