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Greens welcome suspension of mutual obligations to June 1 but say it is a temporary solution 

With almost half a million people losing their jobs in the last month and underemployment rising to 1.8 million people there are going to be a very large number of people engaging with job providers and having to deal with mutual obligations for the first time. This will put a lot of pressure on a system that is already not fit for purpose. 

"Mutual Obligations need to be suspended for six months, other programs like Jobkeeper and the Jobseeker supplement run for six months because the Government knows this is an on-going evolving situation that people need to be supported through. 

"I am glad that people will not be financially penalised for not meeting their mutual obligations as they are phased back in. 

"The punitive practice of taking away people’s payments is nonsensical anyway as taking away someone's income only makes it harder for them to find work. 

"Now is the ideal time to reset how we support jobseekers. We must move to a supportive model that meets people's needs and focuses on supporting people rather than punishing them because they can’t find jobs that are not there. 

“Employment providers should be incentivised to provide a quality and supportive service rather than the current punitive mutual obligations approach."

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