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Greens welcome Foodbank funding reverse but more must be done to address food insecurity with income inequality on the rise 

The Australian Greens welcome the Government’s back tracking on their cruel and callous funding cuts to Foodbank.  

“The cuts were outrageous and it boggles the mind that the Government thought they could get away with cutting funding from Foodbank, Senator Rachel Siewert said. 

“This is an appalling approach to policy making – seeing what you can get away with and then reversing the cuts when there is public outcry.

“The Government needs to see this as a wakeup call to the fact that Australians don’t want to see people in their community going hungry and living in poverty. The Government says this is coming out of existing DSS funding, they need to make a guarantee to the community that other programs are now not going to be cut or short changed.

“We need an national strategy to address hunger.

 “Australians want to see their taxes used to fund essential community services.

“The community is sick of savings measures coming from the people in the community with the least while the major parties donors and big corporations get away with evading their tax responsibility or paying no tax at all."

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