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Greens urge: scrap the CPRS and unleash WA’s renewable energy future

Australian Greens Senator for WA Rachel Siewert and Greens Fremantle MP Adele Carles will address the Climate Emergency Rally in Forrest Chase, TODAY, Saturday 13 June, at 12.30pm.

Senator Siewert, one of five Greens members in the Federal Senate, said she would not support the Rudd Government’s "Continue Polluting Regardless Scheme" in its current form.

“The science is absolutely clear – if we are to have any hope of preventing runaway climate change and the chaos that will bring, we need to bring global emissions down rapidly and begin removing CO2 from the atmosphere,” Senator Siewert said.

“That means that rich countries like Australia need to move towards zero emissions as fast as possible, and the minimum target by 2020 has to be 40 per cent.

“Kevin Rudd’s proposed five per cent target is a slap in the face to all those who want action on climate change. It goes nowhere near what is scientifically necessary to prevent climate catastrophe.

“Worse, it proposes to hand $16 billion to big polluters to compensate them for the pollution they are causing.”

Ms Carles said the WA Government also needed to do much more to combat climate change by unleashing WA’s renewable energy future.

 “I have spent a week in the State Parliament listening to discussion about the Budget and renewables were simply not on the agenda,” Ms Carles said.

“We have got to change who we are voting for – unless we change who is in power and who is holding the purse strings then we won’t change anything.

“It’s admirable that people are putting solar panels on their rooves but there also has to be legislative change.

“We need to start transforming our energy infrastructure so that we have an intelligent grid that renewables can feed into.”


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