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Greens urge new diplomatic effort to stop whaling

The Australian Greens today called on the Federal Government to vigorously pursue negotiations with the incoming Japanese Government over continued whaling operations in the Southern Ocean.

"Although diplomatic efforts undertaken by Minister Peter Garrett have thus far been rather unproductive, we now have a fresh opportunity with a new Japanese Government in place," said Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert.

"While the Democratic Party of Japan's policy on whaling is not dissimilar to the previous government, they have made some policy commitments to stamp out corruption and taxpayer money waste in the whaling industry. This is an opportunity to effect real change."

"We also know that public opinion against whaling within Japan has been on the rise. With the right kind of pressure from countries like Australia, we could see actual movement towards stopping the annual slaughter of thousands of whales," she said.

"Here in Canberra with me today is Mr Toru Suzuki, an anti-whaling campaigner from Greenpeace Japan. His efforts resulted in the uncovering of whale meat black market sales, showing what we have known all along - ‘scientific' whaling is a commercial industry with a very weak disguise."

"I encourage my fellow Senators and Members to attend a talk tonight by Mr Suzuki, in which he will outline the politics behind the whaling industry in Japan as well as discuss the dramatic change in Japan's political landscape, and how this can be used to diplomatically end whaling in the Southern Ocean," concluded Senator Siewert.

Event details:
"What will end whaling - An insider's view': APH Theatre, 6-8pm Tuesday 8th September

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