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Greens to Turnbull: action would be 'awesome'

Greens Aboriginal Affairs spokesperson, Senator Siewert, today called on Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull to act urgently to save the Burrup peninsula, rather than in a few months. She expressed disappointment that the Pluto site did not seem to be included in his plans.

"A cross party delegation of Federal MPs called for emergency listing last year for the entire Rock art precinct because it was exactly that - an emergency," stated Senator Siewert.

"Malcolm Turnbull's breathless description of his recent visit as an 'awesome experience' is worthless unless it comes with a plan.

"He needs to act now, not in a few months time to list the entire Dampier Rock Art precinct and develop as an urgent priority, a management plan for the whole area.

"We call yet again on the Minister to facilitate co-location by the joint venture partners, which could help resolve this issue.

"Rock art has already been destroyed and re-located. It is not good enough to save 'most' of it - just as it is not acceptable to chip away at just a small part of the pyramids.

"The whole region needs a management plan and we support the ongoing efforts of community campaigners in calling for this," she concluded.

Greens members will be supporting the Friends of Australian Rock Art with their protest at Woodside's AGM tomorrow calling for urgent action on the Burrup.

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