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Greens table dissenting report as the Government ignores evidence about the budget’s flaws

The Australian Greens today tabled a dissenting report to the Senate Inquiry into the Government's budget cuts to income support and social security, saying that the Majority Committee Report conclusion does not reflect the evidence the committee received.

The Senate Inquiry report into two omnibus Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment Bills was tabled today, with the Australian Greens dissenting report recommending the bills not be passed.

"The Majority Report, backed only by the Government Senators, has recommended that these cruel bills are passed, despite the overwhelming weight of evidence presented to the Committee being against them," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on family and community services said today.

"These bills should not be passed, the Government are pursuing these changes without evidence or justification

"This inquiry has been an indictment on the Government's position, not an endorsement of it.

"The submissions and evidence heard by the Committee, with the exception of the Government's own departments, show that if enacted, these Bills will compound poverty and hardship in the community and will not help improve employment participation.

"The Majority Report refers to many of the concerns raised during the Inquiry, but does not offer any meaningful response to them. It does not provide real facts or evidence to support the recommendations made. The Government is intent on these changes, regardless of their impact.

"This is a Government driven by ideology, not fact.

"The Greens have recommended that the Parliament not pass these bills, and we will stand by our commitment not to support legislation that punishes vulnerable Australians.

"The Government cannot continue with unfair cuts that will condemn job seekers under 30 to absolute poverty, hurt older Australians, carers, single parents, families and people with disability while big miners, big polluters and big business fail to pay their fair share," Senator Siewert concluded.

The Inquiry Report is available through the APH Website.
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