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Greens support NDIS but seek clarification on DSP reassessments

The Australian Greens said today that they remain strongly supportive of the NDIS but are calling on the Government to clarify that they won't be reassessing people on Disability Support Pension to claw money back for NDIS.

"I am seeking clarification from Minister Macklin following reports today suggesting that people on DSP might face reassessments," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on disability services said today.

"While the Minister has ruled out changes to the DSP eligibility in the budget, she retains the capacity to implement changes through delegated instruments that already exist within legislation and to force reassessments of people on DSP.

"The DSP and NDIS are both fundamental to ensuring people living with disability have adequate support. The Minister needs to urgently clarify the Government's position.

"To pit these supports against one another is to create two tiers of disability and to entrench the idea of winners and losers in the disability sector rather than providing access to care and support for those who need it," Senator Siewert concluded.

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