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Greens support Employment Services rally

The Australian Greens today expressed their strong support for today's rally against the Federal Government's Job Network decision organised by Australian Services Union.

"The Government's approach has thrown the provision of these services into turmoil just when the need for these services is about to steeply increase," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

"The Government appears to have paid no attention to the recommendations of the Productivity Commission arising from the previous Government's mishandling of changes to the sector."

"Decisions on which providers did and didn't get contracts do not seem to have been based on quality or experience - with many high quality providers having missed out. This isn't reform, it is merely change for changes sake," said Senator Siewert.

"Thousands of jobs will be lost, and with these people go skills and experience vital at this time of rising unemployment. The Greens are concerned about these workers entitlements and seek assurance from Government that they will be guaranteed."

"The Rudd Government makes a lot of noise about the importance of social inclusion - yet this decision takes away the good work of many not-for-profit organisations that provide specialist employment services, right at the time when unemployment is expected to go through the roof," she said.

The Greens will be referring this issue to a Senate Inquiry to review the decision making processes, and the outcomes of the tender process to address the question of whether Australia's employment services will be better or worse as a result of this process.

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