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Greens release watertight urban water plan

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 19 Nov 2007

"The release of the IPCC report on climate change highlights yet again the urgent need to reduce our urban water use," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

Senator Siewert launched the Greens urban water plan, which calls for new water use targets and the establishment of a Water Tight Fund to pay the upfront costs of integrated household rainwater and water recycling systems.

"Water Tight is a comprehensive plan for ensuring that our cities and towns sustainably manage their water use amidst the competing pressures of diminishing water resources and continued urban growth," said Senator Siewert today.

"The Greens are proposing establishing a national Water Tight Fund to meet the up front costs of households installing integrated rainwater and water recycling systems."

"The scheme is backed-up by stringent new water efficiency standards for new developments, and a per-capita water use target of 100 kilolitres per person by 2012 for all households," said Senator Siewert.

"New developments would be required to source the water they need prior to planning approval being granted."

"New housing developments would be required to install integrated water recycling and re-use systems, and new industrial developments to meet stringent efficiency standards."

"Integrated water management systems can save up to 70% of our current water use. The technology is already there – we just need to make the jump to smart water systems," said Senator Siewert.

"Most Australian families now recognise that our water is a precious and limited resource and are keen to reduce their use. For many the challenge had been meeting the up-front cost," she said.
"Water Tight solves these problems by covering the up-front costs of certified systems – helping Australia secure its water resources and giving consumers peace of mind."

The Water Tight initiative can be downloaded here -

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