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Greens push end for 'unfair' AWAs and ITEAs

The Australian Greens will move amendments in the Senate to allow AWAs or ITEAs that do not meet the new "better off overall test" to be terminated.

"The Greens will put forward a simple and sensible amendment that will allow a worker on an existing AWA to ask Fair Work Australia to test it against the "better off overall test", and to be allowed to terminate an agreement that is proven to be unfair," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

"We will continue to argue for the absolute end of AWAs, not the current government position that allows AWAs to exist indefinitely."

"In March the Senate knocked back similar Green amendments to the Transitional Forward with Farness Bill to allow workers on unfair AWAs to terminate those agreements," said Senator Siewert. "Now they have a chance to put things right and ensure that the promise of fairness in the workplace is guaranteed."

"The Australian public made their stance very clear at the last election, when they voted overwhelmingly for an end to AWAs and an end to Work Choices," said Senator Siewert.

The Greens also expect to move amendments to provide equal unfair dismissal protections for all workers, strengthen the safety net, expand the matters that can be contained in collective agreements, provide workers with internationally recognised rights to freedom of association (including the right to take industrial action), and to increase the powers of Fair Work Australia.

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