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Greens present ‘Stop the Cull’ letters to the Senate

The Australian Greens have presented the Senate with a book of 649 messages opposing WA's shark cull, and will deliver copies to Environment Minister Greg Hunt and WA Premier Colin Barnett.

"Since the shark cull was announced, I've had thousands of calls, emails and letters from people around WA, the country and the world who are horrified by Colin Barnett's actions," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens marine spokesperson said today.

"The massive turnout at public rallies, the amazing community campaign and the strong lobbying of MPs from all sides of politics shows that people will not accept sharks being killed off our beaches.

"Today in the Senate I tabled a collection of messages from people who oppose the cull and will send copies to Colin Barnett and Greg Hunt, to remind them of the public backlash they face if this cruel policy is extended for a further three years. The ball is in Minister Hunt's court as to whether this cull is approved, but it is clear that the people of WA do not support it.

"We know that the impact of this cull will be significant. The WA Government estimates that extending this cull will see 900 tiger sharks killed over three years, in their quest to kill 25 great whites. On top of this, we know that many more sharks will die after being caught on drum lines and subsequently released.

"This book shows people know that this cull is reckless, harmful policy making that threatens our marine environment, tourism and international reputation.

"I encourage everyone to make their own submission to the WA EPA's inquiry into the cull, and hope Minister Hunt and Premier Barnett take the time to read the messages I have sent them today," Senator Siewert concluded.


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