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Greens: Mr Morrison’s Closing the Gap address patronising and paternalistic

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 15 Feb 2019

Mr Morrison’s closing the gap address was paternalistic and patronising and a clear indication that he doesn’t get it.

“Mr Morrison lectured the Parliament about co-design and collaboration but he does not practice what he preaches”, Senator Rachel Siewert said.

“The Coalition was dragged kicking and screaming to a co-design approach and the Government’s failure to listen when the process started was in fact the reason we are so delayed with the Close the Gap refresh.

“You would think that he was the first person to think of collaboration and co-design!

“The Prime Minster needs to take a good hard look at the programs his Government imposes on First Nations communities like CDP and the Cashless Debit Card and the NT Intervention. The list of top down approaches is endless. 

“He failed to mention the Uluru Statement from the Heart. He failed to mention the Voice. Some of the key things that First Nations peoples are saying we need to close the gap and to address intergenerational trauma.

“He has completely ignored the true history of this country.

“While I agree with Mr Morrison that education is extremely important. We cannot address school attendance without addressing key issues such as intergenerational trauma, health and housing.

“It is very clear, that if you were listening to First Nations peoples and you were dinkum about closing the gap you would address these keys issues. 

“The Coalition government has failed to deliver on closing the gap and Mr Morrison gets an F for his approach. It’s time to drop the top down approach – and genuinely collaborate.”


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