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Greens to look at carbon assistance for social services

Senator Rachel Siewert has today highlighted the Australian Greens intention to continue to look at options for assisting the community sector with the move to a carbon price.

“The Greens are mindful of the fact that the social services sector will be impacted by carbon pricing and we are considering how this might be addressed in the most effective manner,” Senator Siewert, Australian Greens Community Services spokesperson said today.

“The social services sector already operates on a shoe-string budget and the Greens are very aware that the important move to putting a price on pollution is likely to have an impact on our social services as well as households.

“This would include services with a large residential component – such as aged care facilities, women’s and homeless shelters as well as childcare centres who may be particularly exposed to cost increases.

“The Greens remain committed to ensuring that the vulnerable in our community - all those low-income earners, pensioners, carers, the social services sector and more – are considered during the MPCCC’s deliberations.

“Just as the Greens, the government and all members of the MPCCC are working towards delivering half the revenue from pricing pollution to help householders, there is also a strong awareness of the added cost that will be faced by the important social services and the subsequent need for assistance.

“The Greens are looking at options for assisting the community sector, and are committed to discussing with the government and the MPCCC how best to target the assistance measures,” concluded Senator Siewert.

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