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Greens launch plan to keep jobs in the regions  

Residents in Esperance will this week have the opportunity to join Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert and Greens candidate for O’Connor Nelson Blake Gilmour to talk about what issues are important for them in the community.

“The Greens know how important local jobs and opportunities are for regional communities which is why we have committed an investment of $2 billion a year in our proposed Nature Fund which includes many opportunities for local jobs and training as well as our Renew 2030 policy which will provide over 24,000 full time jobs here in WA.

“The Greens secured an extra $100 million for Landcare in 2016. Now we will restore the $84 million in funding that was cut by this government

“Protecting nature takes hands-on intensive conservation. The Liberal Government’s so called ‘Green Army’ program was funded with money that was ripped out of Landcare.

“It paid as little as half the minimum wage and was restricted to young people and utilised unemployed workers without experience, proper training or skills development in land conservation to perform manual labour.

“We know the scale of the challenge is enormous. The international consensus of climate experts suggests the planet has, at most, 12 years to avoid the most dangerous levels of climate emergency.

“Transformation is the only response. To do it, we must climate-proof our local infrastructure, fundamentally restructure our energy grid, achieve landscape-scale environmental protection and restoration, and invest in the science, research and monitoring that allows us a real-time window into the threats we face and the progress we’re making.

 Greens candidate for O’Connor Nelson Blake Gilmour said:

“As a young person living in a regional town I know how important training and employment initiatives are for young people. The Greens want it to be viable for young people to stay in their communities and towns rather than having to move elsewhere to get work or training opportunities.

“We know that the restoration economy has huge potential benefits for the environment but also its own positive social and economic outcomes.

“We have also announced our plan to create more than 24,165 jobs for Western Australia by rapidly transitioning to clean energy. More than 24,000 full-time jobs a year would be created in Western Australia under the Greens plan to rapidly transform Australia’s energy system to renewables by 2030. "

The Greens will

  • Create 2,000 scholarships a year for five years, from 2020, that offer a guaranteed job for successful applicants that complete training in environmental conservation and management
  • Establish a workforce of up to 10,000 trained, qualified environmental managers to be deployed across the country to work with teams of experts, volunteers and community groups on protecting and preserving Australia’s threatened species and biodiversity
  • Pay every environmental manager a living wage, commensurate with their status as a skilled worker
  • Restore funding cuts to Landcare
  • Protect habitat through a $200 million a year investment into the National Reserve System Program
  • Reinstate the National Bushfire Management Strategy with additional federal funding
  • Reform the Conservation Covenant tax structure and investing in in-situ monitoring
  • Establish a comprehensive marine reserve system
  • Increase funding to protect Australia’s national parks and Commonwealth reserves
  • Incentivise farming investments in environmentally-sustainable inputs and infrastructure
  • Empower local councils to roll out river clean-ups, urban canopies of native flora, collaborative community-based composting and coastal debris removal

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