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Greens launch $50m local green jobs boost

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert joined Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Employment Participation Minister Mark Arbib in announcing a $50m local green jobs package in Perth today. These projects are the result of successful negotiation between the Rudd Government and the Greens to secure the passage of the economic stimulus package through the creation of around 10,000 local green jobs.

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert today unveiled the first $50m of the $200m Local Jobs component of the Federal stimulus package which the Greens secured in their negotiations.

"The Greens have worked with the Government to improve its Nation-Building stimulus package. At all times we have promoted the need for greater support for local green jobs that help transform the Australian economy to a low-carbon future."

"The projects I am announcing today are part of 10,000 local Green Jobs that have been secured by the Greens."

"This is what the Greens are all about. We work practically to get real outcomes. We don't oppose for opposition's sake. We are about cooperating in the Senate to achieve real solutions for the Australian public. This is a new politics that gets positive results," Senator Siewert said.

Senator Siewert said that the Greens $200m local jobs component was part of a package of Greens initiatives that included $50m for emergency relief and financial counselling for people affected by unemployment, $60m for heritage projects, $40m for bike paths and $10m for bioremediation of the lower Murray.

The Greens also secured fair and equitable access to a $550m infrastructure programme for all councils in Australia, regardless of their size or location. Senator Siewert said that the Greens would continue to improve Government legislation through sensible negotiations in the Senate.

Senator Siewert announced two specific local programmes in Western Australia:

  • WACOSS (Western Australian Council of Social Services) will receive $1.8m to recruit, train and employ greenhouse auditors under the Climate Change Readiness for Community Services Project.
  • SWAN TAFE will receive $780,000 to deliver residential and training facilities for tackling drug and alcohol abuse and at the same time allow 52 young Australians to finish apprenticeships, while providing an additional 50 work experience positions in the construction industry.
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