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Greens highlight Universal Children's Day

"Investing in the care and education of our children is a smart way of investing in the future prosperity of our nation," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

"Today is Universal Children's Day, which provides an opportunity to consider the key policies Australia needs into the future for healthy, safe and happy children."

"Access to affordable childcare is a crucial issue facing families around Australia.  The Australian Greens believe community-based not-for-profit childcare centres provide one of the best options for affordable, accessible, quality childcare and should be supported through increased funding."

"Another issue affecting our children is the unreasonable hours worked by many Australian parents. The Greens believe there needs to be a better framework for balancing work and family life."

Senator Siewert recently released the Greens' Parents and Kids initiative, which outlines a range of practical measures to improve life for Australian families and children.

"The Greens see nurturing and educating our children as a critical means of ensuring the future well-being of our society and our environment," said Senator Siewert.

"There are certain rights all children should be guaranteed: the right to safe housing, freedom from violence and abuse, the right to health and the right to an education. We know many Australian children are still missing out on these fundamental rights," she concluded.

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