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Greens fear widening impacts of Employment Services 'experiment'

The Australian Greens are becoming increasingly concerned by the enormity of the impact on Australia's not-for-profit community service providers as they are stripped of employment service contracts in a Rudd
Government push to privatise employment services.

"I am now receiving many calls and emails from employment service providers and workers who are being warned their jobs and services will be lost as a result of this wrong-headed policy," said Senator Rachel Siewert today.

"The picture emerging is one of Australia's leading not-for-profit service providers being devastated across the country."

"Thousands of jobs are being lost from caring organisations which have been providing specialist employment services to help those in need - right at the time when unemployment is expected to go through the roof," she said.

"I am gob-smacked that the Rudd Government is pursuing this nonsense."

"This experiment with the privatisation of essential services has been tried and failed. The Rudd government obviously hasn't learned anything from the ABC Learning fiasco."

"Just at the time when our community needs the caring and support that these community organisations provide best the government is essentially killing them off by this action."

"This is absolutely outrageous."

"The Minister for Employment Services, Brendan O'Connor continues to decline to comment on the grounds that the process is ongoing. In reality, all of the providers which are being offered new contracts have already been notified and all that is happening now is negotiating the details of those contracts," concluded Senator Siewert.

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