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Greens condemn final stats on shark drum lines

Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens marine spokesperson today called on the Federal Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt to reject WA's application to extend the shark cull program.

"The WA Government's attempts to justify this policy are utter nonsense- they have thrown science out the window," Senator Siewert said today.

"The Federal Government must reject the three year extension of the cull; it has no scientific credibility and is clearly nothing more than a PR exercise.

"I've spent all summer watching this senseless cull, which has angered a lot of people. We won't stop this campaign until the cull ends once and for all," said Senator Siewert. 

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has labelled shark mitigation data released today by the State Government as completely misleading and lacking vital information.

"The State Government's attempt at transparency today doesn't reveal the true cost of the drum lining program that the community are demanding.

"We have the State Budget looming yet the public still has no idea how much this disastrous policy has cost so far. The misleading pie chart on the Sharksmart website shows some shark Mitigation costs but fails to reveal others.

"On a pie chart that is supposed to identify the allocation of $22 million, they have Fisheries Research (1.7 million) and Science Research Grants (1.9 million) taking up nearly 50% of the pie chart, the website is designed to minimise the impact of drum lines in our state, the public cannot be fooled".

Ms MacLaren accused the Minister of withholding data for the sake of positive spin.

"Yesterday at 5pm I asked in Parliament to see the catch data for March and was told 'these reports are not for release'. This morning we found that data had been withheld for the West Australian who insinuated that the drum lines had reduced beach closures and subsequently made beaches safer, this is a ridiculous claim with no scientific backing.

"I propose that the Minister conduct some legitimate research on shark populations off our coast".


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