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Greens: Climate crisis in Murray finally hits PM

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 19 Apr 2007

"Does the Prime Minister finally get it now?"

"Have the Coalition finally realised that the Murray is dying and they can't fiddle anymore when urgent action is needed?"

"Prime Minister Howard's climate denial over 11 years has meant that he has presided over "collapse". Is he still sceptical about these "gloomy predictions"?"

"The government's failure to acknowledge the link between drought and climate change has been the death-knell of the Murray and the farming communities that rely on it."

"It is a tragedy that the Murray River has reached such a critical state," said Greens water spokesperson Senator Rachel Siewert in Brisbane today.

"It has taken the Prime Minister and the Coalition a long time to realise that we can never return to 'business as usual' in the Murray Darling Basin and to bite the bullet of climate change," she said.

"Until recently the PM has still been in denial of the impact of climate change on dramatically reduced rainfall for the Basin."

"The Coalition are still bickering over buying back water allocations."

"They never seem to get the fact that the system was over-allocated and in crisis and needs urgent action now," said Senator Siewert.

"The delays and the politicking is hurting the farmers and communities of the river and contributing to a decline from which the river may never recover."

"The PM is still in climate denial and still focusing on protecting industries such as the coal industry while ignoring the future of our farmers and our dying river."

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