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Greens call for timeline for action on chemical restraints 

The Australian Greens are calling on Government to act with a sense of urgency on the Interim Aged Care Royal Commission report findings saying Australians expect them to.

“These issues are not a surprise to Government, they have been raised time and time again, it is obvious more money has been needed for home care packages, there has been repeated calls to eliminate the use of restraints and a number of inquiries into young people in nursing homes.

“I’m astounded that the Minister for Health thinks that the COAG health ministers agreement to make the Quality Use of Medicine and Medicine Safety a National Health Priority will fix the issues of restraints. 

“The Government can start addressing the issue of restraints immediately by beefing up the current restrain regulations and committing to a timeframe to eliminate the use of restraints.

“There needs to be an urgent allocation of more home care packages, more funding and resources to assist young people to get out of aged care facilities and changes to the restraint regulations.”

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