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Greens call for justice targets, repealing of mandatory sentencing laws following Senate inquiry into Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples' experience of accessing law services.

The Australian Greens have made additional comments to a senate inquiry that investigated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experience of access to legal services.

“Despite evidence that justice targets were needed to reduce the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples, the majority committee report did not recommend their national implementation. Additional comments by the Greens call for justice targets to be implemented and included in Closing the Gap targets.

“The Greens also call for mandatory sentencing laws to be repealed, and recommend the Commonwealth investigate alternatives to incarceration for non-payment of fines. We saw the case of Ms Dhu who died in custody whilst incarcerated for non-payment of fines, the Government should work with states and territories to stop this happening in the future.

“We also need to see interpreters for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples including those with hearing loss. We do not want to see Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people incarcerated unfairly because they cannot fully comprehend their court case.

“I urge the Government to consider the Additional Comments made by the Australian Greens”.


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