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Greens call for end to Stronger Futures

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 24 May 2014

The Australian Greens have called for the Stronger Futures regime to be abandoned and for the Government to work with Aboriginal communities to develop effective and cooperative programs that are delivered in partnership with communities.

"The NT Intervention and Stronger Futures policies have been expensive, wasteful and ineffective, they have not delivered the health, social, education and employment outcomes we need," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues said today.

"The latest Stronger Futures report shows that for all the money put into this approach, the outcomes are just not there. This is deeply disappointing, and people across the community have been raising these concerns for years, but neither the Coalition or ALP governments have listened.

"The few positive gains that have been made could have come through direct investments in communities and effective programs, but instead, governments are persisting with a flawed, top-down approach.

"The disappointment about this report is magnified by the fact that $534 million is being stripped from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs in the budget, which will take vital funding away from effective programs while the Government pushes on with the Stronger Futures regime.

"Tony Abbott needs to start working with communities to deliver the investments and programs that will improve safety, health, employment and education without the waste and bureaucracy that are hallmarks of Stronger Futures," Senator Siewert concluded.

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