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Greens call for concrete NDIS commitments

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert has today called for the Government and opposition to provide certainty to people living with a disability and their families.

“The Greens support the cross-party commitment to implementing an NDIS, particularly the Government’s efforts to do so earlier than the Productivity Commission recommended,” Senator Siewert, Greens disabilities spokesperson said today.

“I am seeking concrete commitments with clear timelines from the Government and opposition alike to ensure certainty for people living with a disability, their families as well as service providers.

“With the Government expected to announce start-up funding in the upcoming budget, I hope to see a clearly outlined plan for the full implementation of the scheme.

“I would also hope that the Opposition go beyond verbal support for the scheme and seek to engage is positive efforts to ensure this scheme can constructively move through the Parliament.

“An NDIS is essential for providing long-term care and support for all Australians with significant, ongoing disabilities.

“It also ensures the care and support would be portable across states and territories, ensuring continuity of support around the country.

“This is an important policy that deserves the cooperation of all members of the Parliament,” Senator Siewert concluded.

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