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Greens asked PM to lift AWB veto temporarily

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 16 Nov 2006

The four Greens Senators wrote to the Prime Minister last month asking him to temporarily lift AWB's right of veto on wheat exports, to allow farmers to sell this year's crops free from the risk of fallout from the AWB oil for food scandal.

The Prime Minister has not yet replied.

"The huge uncertainty around AWB's future and the potential risk of large liabilities arising from the Cole inquiry have left farmers concerned that they might end up carrying the can for AWB's actions," said Senator Rachel Siewert.

"We support a temporary lifting of the veto to ensure some certainty for this year's crop, but we don't support making any long-term changes until the Cole Inquiry has reported, its findings have been reviewed, and there has been proper consultation with farmers on the future of AWB, the single desk, and the Wheat Export Authority," she said.

"There are a number of different positions in the farming community on the single desk, which need to be discussed in the light of Cole's findings."

"Given the difficult circumstances facing our farmers we believe it is important to give greater certainty for this year's crop," said Senator Siewert.

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