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Greens announce support for older Australians

 The Greens have today launched a package that supports older Australians; ensuring they have a quality aged care system, support in finding and maintain employment for mature workers, and additional funding for palliative care and dementia.

“A strong social security system and aged care system are key components of ensuring a comfortable life for older Australians, but there is so much more to ageing that needs more focus as well”, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“We know that if older Australian’s fall out of work it is really difficult for them to re-engage with employment; this can be because of entrenched discrimination, which must be addressed.

“The package released today would commit $5m over three years for a national strategy for mature aged workers to ensure participation and stop discrimination.

“Alongside the national strategy, the Greens will also commit to increasing the level of employment services for job seekers aged 45+, meaning more support whilst they find work.  

“We know dementia is on the increase and palliative care is often under-resourced. This is why the Greens have committed to extra funding in those areas. We have committed an additional $137m in funding and support for dementia, as well as an additional $76m for palliative care.

“The Greens have consulted closely with a range of stakeholders on these issues, and will continue to work with community members, stakeholder groups and providers.

“We will continue to work with groups across the sector on these major reforms, including a particular focus on the Aged Care Sector Committee’s Aged Care Roadmap to ensure we have a quality aged care system”.

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