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Greens announce plans to reverse income management

The Australia Greens have announced a policy initiative to stop compulsory income management, which has repeatedly failed to reduce disadvantage in the Northern Territory.

“Income management is a failed policy. Repeatedly evidence has shown that it doesn’t help people struggling with substance abuse and disadvantage, but it hurts vulnerable people and communities.

“The Greens will stop compulsory income management, which is unfair and ineffective. This initiative seeks to stop the Basics Card in the Northern Territory and the Cashless Welfare Card trials in South Australia and West Australia.

“Both old parties have expanded income management over the years despite community concerns and evaluations that show this paternalistic approach doesn’t work.

“The Greens will seek to work with communities on policies that genuinely reduce disadvantage by giving individuals and communities the support they need to address substance abuse and other challenges.

“The policy has been fully costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office, and will save $65m in the 2016-17 financial year. Cutting this unfair and ineffective policy means other programs that offer genuine support can be better funded”.

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