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Greens announce package to help farmers sell direct

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 20 Jun 2016

The Australian Greens have announced plans to break the duopoly of major supermarkets with an initiative that will help farmers sell their produce directly to members of the community, Senator Rachel Siewert has said today.

“Many Australians want to buy fresh, locally grown food, but it isn’t always easily available.

“The Greens will provide $80 million to strengthen local food systems, and connect farmers to communities by helping to start farmers markets and mobile markets.

“The funding would also go towards community food box schemes and creating a regional content brand.

“The old parties have long neglected regional food systems. The Coalition has committed to introducing an effects test, but only after strong campaigning by the Greens.

“Being able to buy directly from your farmer has a myriad of benefits, not only does it increase healthy eating but it is a boost for regional economies and local jobs.

“It is time to help regional communities with initiatives that diversify local economies. The Greens have a plan to help local communities buy fresh, local produce”.

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