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Greens: Action to stop cheap cigarette imports

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 20 Jul 2010

The Australian Greens today said they would move amendments to set a floor price on cigarettes to stop Coles and any other retailers flooding the Australian markets with cheap and harmful products.

"Coles' action in bringing in cheaper cigarettes is irresponsible," said Senator Siewert, Australian Green health spokesperson today.

"The cigarette tax was increased in an effort to reduce the terrible health toll that smoking has in Australia. Importing cheaper cigarettes into Australia undermines the impact of these public health measures"

"Several months ago Coles was chastised by the Senate for selling cheap alcohol in Alice Springs, undermining community efforts to address excessive alcohol consumption," Senator Siewert said.

"I have to question Coles' commitment to responsible retailing."

"The Greens have long been advocates to a minimum drink price for alcohol and the same approach should be applied to cigarettes" concluded Senator Siewert.

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