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Government steamrolls over Burrup

The Government is actively facilitating the destruction of the Burrup's unique rock art with today's approval to Woodside's Pluto gas development.

"This is the third major environmental decision by the Howard Government in the past few days, first with the Gunns Pulp Mill, then Barrow Island. Now they seem determined to steamroll over the Burrup peninsula," said Australian Greens spokesperson for the Environment Rachel Siewert.

"By making this decision, the Minister is paving the way for the destruction of a significant number of unique works of Aboriginal art. This Government would bulldoze the Great Pyramid if it stood in the way of economic development"

"The Minister is still to consider the Wong-Goo-Tt-Oo native title group application to have this area declared a Significant Aboriginal Area. It is essential that no development occurs until this application has been assessed," said Senator Siewert.

"The farce of this situation is that the Government could have easily ensured that this development went ahead in an area that did not threaten rock art. Where is the Government's leadership? It is essential that none of the cultural values of the area are disturbed or affected by any activity," said Senator Siewert.

"It is clear that Malcolm Turnbull has failed to guarantee the protection of this area, and is part of an overall reckless approach to our environmental and cultural heritage. This is just a last ditch attempt to push ahead with these projects while the Prime Minister is still in Government," she concluded.

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