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Government should stop spending peanuts on invasive grasses

The Australian Greens say more funding for Indigenous rangers would tackle the issue of out of control Gamba grass, without the need for elephant intervention.

“The real elephant in the room is the lack of priority and funding which is given to outback biodiversity protection and management,” Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens natural resource management spokesperson said today.

“I’m amazed such a suggestion has been made given the potential damage that could be caused by such introductions and the fact that there are already ways of dealing with this problem.

“Indigenous rangers are successfully tackling land management issues including gamba grass, but need more funding in the next federal budget for long term programs.

“Gamba grass can be controlled if government coordinates and funds programs adequately.

“It is cheaper to tackle gamba grass than fight the catastrophic fires it causes.

“I understand that researchers at Charles Darwin University understand the science to address the problem of gamba grass, but lack of coordination and prioritisation is preventing adequate programs being put in place.

“Gamba grass should be on the Weeds of National Significance list along with a range of other invasive grasses that are posing a threat to native flora,” Senator Siewert concluded.

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