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Government sees sense and suspends reporting requirements for people already on Centrelink 

"Today my office has been inundated with calls and emails from people unable to report their income through MyGov and who have not been paid on time or fear their payments will be cut.

"I have been working with the Minister to get this fixed. I’m very pleased that mutual obligations have been suspended until at least 31 March.

"With  3.2 million people having  logged into MyGov in the past 20 hours. it doesn't make sense for people to have to also log on and report income at a time like this. 
"In this difficult time we can’t forget that there are already people who have been relying on Centrelink, many living well below the poverty line on $40 a day.

"To see what is happening at Centrelink and not get your payment on time or suspended is incredibly stressful for people living day to day. 
"This issue points to the exact reason why I have been calling on the Government to suspend all mutual obligations so that we are looking after people and not burdening a system that is not fit for purpose and which cannot cope. 
"These are unprecedented times and the Government must take unprecedented measures to look after people."


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