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Government must come clean on how long they knew robodebt was illegal following release of emails 

Evidence in regards to the Government’s knowledge of the illegality of the robodebt scheme has been released by the Community Affairs References committee today.

“I referred robodebt to a senate inquiry for the second time last year because of the on-going, devastating impact the program is having on people in our community,” Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on Families and Community Services said. 

“How long did Mr Morrison and the Minster know that this scheme was illegal?

"This is a fundamental question and with the Government making a claim of Public Interest Immunity over the release of legal advice it is clear that they don’t want Australia to know.

“People in our community have been traumatised and harassed for years and years, many have large debts they don’t owe and are being forced to pay with interest and they want and deserve answers.

“There is so much uncertainty around the review process and which debts have been paused and when. The Government has a responsibility to be open and upfront about this process. 

“It should not be up to the slow court process for us to uncover what on earth has been going on and it’s clear that the Government must come clean.
“It’s a failure of both economic management and basic duty to not have provided a costing for the robodebt clean-up process in MYEFO.

“This matter needs resolving as a matter of urgency”.

The emails relating to robodebt's legality released today can be found here. 

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