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Government makes clear intention to still drug test income support recipients in MYEFO, Greens will continue to oppose

The Government making it clear in MYEFO that they will continue to pursue attempts to drug test income support recipients shows callousness and stubbornness, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today. 

“The Government recently had to pull the drug testing trials out of the huge welfare reform bill because they knew they couldn’t get the support needed to push it through the Senate. 

“The Government should give up and spend the money on wrap around supports and services for people struggling with addiction. 

“When the welfare reform bill went through the committee process, the evidence from experts in addiction overwhelmingly showed that drug testing income support recipients was a bad idea that would not address addiction and would likely further entrench poverty. 

“Rather than more paternalistic measures and a tough-love approach, the Government should listen to the evidence and treat drug addiction like the health issue that it is. 

“The Australian Greens will continue to oppose any trial to drug testing income support recipients”.

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