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Government is failing all Australians by not addressing poverty 

The UNSW Poverty in Australia report released today shows that the freezing of the rate of Newstart and the transferring of sole parents onto Newstart from 2007 are some of the key drivers of poverty. 

“We have very clear indicators of the causes and impact of poverty on our community but the Government refuses to do anything about it,” Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said.

“The rate of child poverty in a country as wealthy as Australia is so shameful.

“A raise in Newstart is urgently needed, this is agreed across business, community and social services organisations, the only ones who are refusing to do the right thing are the Government, who would rather see people left in poverty than raise the rate.

“They are even ignoring the clear economic benefits of increasing Newstart.

“Their refusal to increase Newstart flies in the face of evidence of what we need for healthy and thriving people and communities. 

“Instead of supporting people to have a fair go they are relentlessly pursuing illegal robodebts and demonising people doing it tough including single parents, sick and disabled people and older Australians at every opportunity.

“This country needs an urgent increase in Newstart and a clear Government plan to address poverty.”


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