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Government continues to ignore local communities with renewed push for cashless welfare card in regional QLD

News today that the Federal Government plans to renew its push for the cashless welfare card in the Bundaberg and Hervey Bay region shows their fixation with this flawed policy approach and a disregard for the local community, the Australian Greens say today.

“Just earlier this month the Parliament did not support the expansion of the card to regional QLD, instead supporting legislation that only allowed for a third trial site in my home state of WA”, said Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert.

“It is bad enough that the card will be in the Goldfields, we certainly don’t need an addition trial site in the Hervey Bay/Bundaberg region. I will be following this up in senate estimates in the coming days to get more detail of the Government’s renewed proposal.

“Having visited the people of the Hervey Bay region with my colleague Senator Siewert, I know the people there do not want this card. It’s hard enough getting by on the disability pension or Newstart. Quarantining most of people’s entitlements will only make their lives more stressful and difficult, it won’t help them", said Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett.

“The Australian  Greens will continue to stick up for residents at risk of being put onto the card and will continue to oppose the card in the Senate”.

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