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Going after vulnerable people on income support has cost us all so much

The Greens say it will be almost impossible to account for the social and economic costs of the Government's punitive Robodebt program. 

“This program has literally cost people's lives, ruined many many more and caused so much pain and anguish. 

“I am pleased that it looks like the Government will have to compensate victims of the illegal Robodebt scheme but nothing can truly compensate people for the distress this has caused. 

“I raised this issue in the Senate on Monday and as late as yesterday people were telling me they were still being contacted about debts. 

“This program has caused so much pain and distress to so many for so long.

"The Government  knew this and continued it anyway, treating people appallingly. 

"No wonder they refused to answer my questions in Estimates.

“Trying to make savings out of the social safety net has seriously backfired on this Government.” 
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