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Foodbank funding cuts are callous and cruel and will affect young people and those in remote regions

The Australian Greens are deeply concerned for those that will be impacted by the significant funding cuts to Foodbank announced last week.

"These are callous and unnecessary cuts that will have a significant impact on children, young people and those living in remote and regional areas, Australian Greens spokesperson on Community Services Senator Rachel Siewert said. 

"The reality we have at the moment in this country is a Government who targets those with the least to make small "savings", right before Christmas. 

"During anti-poverty week in October, Food bank Australia released their Hunger Report which revealed that in the last twelve months, four million Australians have been in a situation where they have run out of food and have been unable to buy more, and three quarters of these people were categorised as having very low food security. 

"26% of the people Foodbank provide assistance to are under the age of 19 and more than 1.5 million people living in remote and rural regions have experienced food insecurity in the last twelve months.

"The people who are food insecure are people looking for work or who are in insecure/casual employment, renters, those in remote and regional areas and single parents.

"Food should never be a discretionary item, but it is becoming more and more the case in Australia and it's meaning that children are going without food. 

"These cuts will see people go hungry. That is the reality of the situation. 

"Its already unacceptable that our income support rates are so low, charities and the social service sector are left to pick up the pieces, but now the Government is impeding Foodbank from providing a vital support to the Australian community, food.

"This Government will stop at nothing in their targeted campaign to demonise those with the least."


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